Youth Ministry

About The Youth Ministry

The purpose of the youth ministry at Christ Church Westlands is to equip them with God’s Word and help them develop their personal relationship with God.

To achieve its purpose, the youth ministry is divided into four pillars.

Outreach: The ministry is involved in spreading the gospel through evangelizing to the youth within and outside the church. The aim is to bring them to Christ Church and have them know about the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, through events, missions and training.

Worship: The main aim of this pillar is to lead the youth space in elevated praise and worship. This is done through quality sound, equipping people with knowledge of how to play instruments and singing. 

Sports and Arts: This pillar ministers the word through various talents that the youth have. The ministry occasionally organizes ball games, team building, and board games.

Discipleship, Care, and Ushering: This pillar deals with the spiritual growth and care of new and existing youth members in Christ Church to help them have a solid foundation as believers and grow in their relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. For example, ushering in new visitors, discipleship classes, and pastoral care.