The Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (KAMA)

The KAMA (Men’s) ministry intentionally draws men to God and to each other. These men proactively apply their ministry gifts to influence their world for Christ by intentionally reconciling men to God and each other and by ministering to the needs of their church and community under the authority and direction of God. The KAMA motto is: “As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15-16. 

KAMA members are drawn from Anglican men who ascribe to the mission of the association and are publicly enrolled as members. In ACK Christ Church, the KAMA ministry seeks to identify, develop and release the unique gifts of men into the life and service of the church. The ministry seeks to call men and equip them for Godly influence at home, at church and in society. 

  1. The Ten Aims and Objectives of KAMA
    To promote God’s Kingdom and to set forth His glory.
  2. To help its members to grow in spirit, mind and body, and be natured in faith for every good work.
  3. To encourage members to play an active role in the mission of the church.
  4. To promote Christian principals in national, civic and community life.
  5. To encourage members to undertake acts of Christian service for the distressed, disadvantaged and the disabled.
  6. To encourage members to use the gifts God has given them as good stewards of God’s varied grace.
  7. To encourage members to use their resources in supporting the work of the church at all levels.
  8. To encourage Anglican lay men and women to play positive roles as Christians in political, social and economic life of the nation. 
  9. To honor the institution of marriage as ordained by God and to promote Christian family values.
  10. To promote Christian fellowship, love and unity in the Church and society, and to promote spiritual enthusiasm among members.

We seek to bring together all men in fellowship to learn God’s word, hold empowerment activities, and address issues that impact men. We hold meetings once a month where we address topics relevant to Manhood. Every year, we have a Men’s month (typically in June) where men share their gifts as they lead and minister in all services during the month. We are keen on authentic discipleship & mentoring, which focuses on developing a caring concern and a genuine love for others through modeling Christ-like attitudes and behavior in the context of relational environments. This creates dynamic environments for men to experience real transformation and develop authentic Christian relationships. 

In addition to meetings, we coordinate and participate in external activities that engage men across the spectrum of age groups. KAMA aims to empower men at Christ Church in an all-round manner towards their Godly ordained destiny.

To sign up, kindly reach out to the church office on either 0720 836224 or email us on