What we do:

The purpose of the Children’s Ministry at Christ Church Westlands is in three folds;

  • Intentionally evangelize the child by providing them with the opportunity to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour,
  • Disciple the child with the intent of helping them learn how to put what they know about being a follower of Christ into practice in their daily lives.
  • Equip parents with tools that will help them disciple their children as they partner with the Holy Spirit in shaping their destiny.

Why We Do It

As followers of Christ, we are commanded to go and share our faith with the world. Jesus ‘command to take the Gospel to the whole world includes reaching the Children as well for Him. Children can be bold witnesses for Christ.

How We Do It

We teach a Gospel-centered worldview with specific applications that help children interpret life.

We present the good news in age-appropriate ways all throughout childhood. Our curriculum is reviewed annually and currently, we have adopted teaching materials that have been carefully developed by Christian Learning Materials Centre (CLMC).

In order to effectively reach the children with the gospel, they have been categorized in their age groups as below;

  • Birth – 3yrs
  • 4 yrs – 6yrs
  • 7 yrs – 9yrs
  • 10 yrs – 12yrs

Our program appeals to the interest of children, thus making them want to come to church. Some of the children bring their friends to hear the Gospel, encouraging new families to join Christ Church.

The Christ Church Westlands Children’s Ministry is also intentional in helping parents fulfil their God given mandate ensuring that the children God has put under their care are growing in the fear of God. To this end, we provide take home assignments that parents can use to further guide their children in the Christian Walk.

Here is a list of the exciting programs and activities under the Children’s Ministry;

  • Children Praise & Worship
  • Bible Trivia for Children
  • Sunday School Art and Craft
  • August Bible Adventure (ABA)
  • Baptism Classes
  • Confirmation and Ropes Classes (Transitioning Class of 12year lds)
  • Leading Service lessons for Children
  • Ushering in Service lessons for Children

Where We Do It

You are welcome to join us for our Children’s Services on Sundays at 10 am at Christ Church Westlands, Church Road, Nairobi Kenya.