The church ministries of CCW is organised into four clusters which together with the PCC/Executive leadership are emulated from the five ministries in the church of Corinth. These are Worship (Prophet), Pastoral Care (Pastor), Mission and Outreach (Evangelist), and Education and Care (Teacher). The ministries are provided with leadership and overall management of the church by the PCC and Parish Executive (Apostle).


The Worship Ministry is primarily charged with responsibility of worship according to the scriptures. It is responsible for ensuring that worship needs of the Church are identified, reviewed, and responded to effectively. This is mainly achieved through the worship services. The ministry also ensures effective support of all auxiliary components which include choirs, instruments, equipment, ushers, and hospitality.

CCW currently has 5 services every Sunday. It also has children Sunday school which run at the same time as the main services


The Pastoral Care Ministry ensures that members and people who worship and/or ministered to by CCW receive appropriate spiritual nourishment in an environment that encourages their growth and development. The ministry is responsible for sacraments (baptism and Holy Communion), confirmation, weddings, funerals, visitations (to the sick and needy), and counselling and social support. The ministry is also responsible for Cell Groups and Bible Study Groups and marriage ministry.   


The Ministry is responsible for coordinating outreach and missions for the church. It provides oversight on the programmes and activities of Men’s Ministry (KAMA), Mothers Union, and Youth Ministry (KAYO). It is also responsible for Teens Ministry, Sunday school, and Kids to Kids. The Ministry also coordinates the church’s outreach activities and evangelism events, outreach to schools and the Pastoral Program for Instruction (PPI).

Men’s Ministry (KAMA): The ministry seeks to bring on board men of the church for to actively engage in service and feel part of the church. Though the ministry has existed and engaged in activities such as men’s breakfast, it went through a process of revamp in mid-2018 and currently has about 82 enlisted men of which 50 actively engage in the ministry activities. Of these there are 15 registered members of KAMA. The ministry operates under the umbrella of KAMA and has complimentary engagements in its activities.

Mothers Union (MU): CCW is developing a vibrant ministry for ladies and currently has 38 members of the Mother’s Union and over 100 ladies who are involved in ladies ministry. There are monthly meetings for the Mother’s Union and quarterly meetings for the Ladies Ministry. The church aims to build a vibrant ministry for ladies that is all inclusive and provides them with opportunities for fellowship for posterity. The ministry seeks to build the ladies in the church to feel connected, engaged, and committed to serve.

Youth Ministry (KAYO): The Youth Ministry was established in 2007. It targets 19 to 35 years age category most of whom are high school graduates, university students, and young professionals. The purpose of the ministry is to provide young people with a place to express themselves sincerely and honestly, to connect to Jesus, and to grow deeper in faith and Christian service. Some of the activities of the ministry include annual youth dinner, youth camps, visitations, and bonding activities such as cycling and fun days. The ministry launched Basket Ministry in 2013. The youth space in the church has not been well nurtured and a number of them transit to other spaces. There are over 100 youth in the data base though the number of active youth is currently about 70. This is an area of potential growth for the church.

Children Ministry:  The ministry evangelises and disciples children from age 0 to 18 in a child-friendly environment. The children are divided into five age groups; 0-3 years, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, 10-12 years, and the teens 13-18 years. Through the Sunday school the ministry provides the children with space to learn the word of God at their level (age appropriate space). The church gives intentional thought of what children at different stages learn through structured lessons.

Kids to Kids: Kids to Kids is an outreach ministry of the Parish to the neediest children from the slums around CCW. The goal is to provide the children with nutrition and education and integrate them into the public schools. It was anticipated that it would take about 30 children each year, catering for about 60 children at any one time. However due to financial constraints the number of children catered for has been scaled down to about 25.


The Ministry is responsible for nurturing people to grow in faith and in the knowledge of God. It coordinates training on discipleship and education of members, fosters information sharing, and promotes holistic empowerment of congregants. The Ministry coordinates Theological Education by Extension, Bible study, preparation of members for baptism and confirmation, new believers’ classes, and membership.  

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