Christ Church Westlands is a parish of the All Saints’ Cathedral Diocese and part of the All Saints Cathedral Archdeaconry. It is part of the 12 parishes that form the Diocese. The governance structure of CCW is at three levels which mirror the structure of the Anglican Church of Kenya and built on the five-fold ministry philosophy emulated from the church of Corinth (apostles, evangelists, prophets, pastors and teachers). The three levels comprise the General Meeting, the Parish Church Council (PCC), and Ministry and Administrative Committees.

The church is steered by voluntary leadership under the auspices of the Parish Church Council. The pastoral and administrative aspects are led by the Vicar who is appointed by the Bishop (in the case of CCW the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Kenya who is also the Bishop of All Saints Cathedral Diocese).

The PCC appoints the ministry and administrative committees as well as any sub-committees or ad-hoc committees as deemed appropriate. These committees support the spiritual, administrative, and operational processes of the church.


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